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Published: 03rd August 2012
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So, you're interested in dating beautiful Asian women? Millions of men feel the same. In fact, two out of every five singles in Europe and USA go online to find an Asian partner. Once you have settled on a couple of Asian dating websites to join, the next task that should be viewed with utmost importance is the setting up of your online dating profile.

Having an online profile is equivalent to showing who you are on a date. No one is able to read your body language online, so it is quite important that you allow the Asian women online to clearly grasp a sense of the kind of person you are. This is the process of 'conveyance'. And the most important way of conveying your personality online is through your profile description. This article will tackle how you can improve your online dating profile to attract more beautiful Asian women.

First, you have to keep it real. There is no need to tell your whole life story within your profile, just be honest as much as you can, especially if you intend to keep a meaningful relationship with the Asian women you meet online. It is the nature of the people from the Orient to value honesty, it's something cultural. Once they find out that you lied on majority of the things you have listed on your profile, they wouldn't want anything to do with you. Your online profile is the best way for a girl to find out what kind of person you are. If she feels that something is amiss, do you reckon she's going to want to meet you?

Second, keep your profile thin but interesting. Just state a couple of points about you and leave room for the other party to want to know more. Keep it light, simple and yet telling enough. It's important to stand out, so you would want to keep their attention by being appealing and direct to the point. Humor is always a big plus, so if you're genuinely funny, you can use that to your advantage.

Lastly, your photos must reflect your description and profile in general. Photos are an implication of your personality and lifestyle. You can fake a description easily, but staging an act with photos is a little more difficult. If you say in your profile that you love life, nature and the outdoors but all you have are pictures of you inside the house and in front of your computer, then that totally contradicts your profile. This may turn off the Asian girl browsing your page and she will most probably move to the next profile.

If you have tons of pictures taken with beautiful women all the time, it will convey to women that you might be a player. When it comes to Asian dating online, you want to be aware of that. Having pictures with a lot of friends is one thing, having pictures with a lot of beautiful women is another. Monogamy is something Asian women treasure. Moderate those kinds of pictures if you have plenty.

Ultimately though, you don't want to over-analyze the making of your profile. Just remember that you are conveying your personality and lifestyle, and most importantly, that it reflects your offline self.

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